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High-performance composite materials industry cluster initiative to deal with the new challenges under the new normal

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High-performance composite materials industry cluster initiative to deal with the new challenges under the new normal

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2019/03/29 11:02
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Recently, the face of shrinking domestic market demand, greater downward pressure on economic situation
Recently, the face of shrinking domestic market demand, greater downward pressure on economic situation, combined with the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the city of high-performance composite materials industry gathering area office to discuss in depth research, analysis predict 2015 industrial and economic development situation, positive reform and development plan ideas and measures, highlighting the "innovation and development, restructuring and promote industrial upgrading" topic, and further strengthen science and technology, increase investment, promote the industry to accelerate the pace of economic transformation and upgrading.
Trends and needs of industrial development
Currently, polyester composites industry abnormal fluctuations in raw material prices, the conventional polyester film overcapacity, but the industry value-added specialty polyester film products in quite a long time will remain a serious shortage of market supply. High-performance composite materials industry will be aimed at development of the industry, with emphasis on electronic, electrical insulating materials, electrical parts, capacitors, liquid crystal displays and other applications of high-performance polyester film development to seek a breakthrough on the development of the industry to seize the "commanding heights" for upgrade accumulated advantage, leave enough space. Binary new material enterprises will focus on development and production of liquid crystal display equipment and other industries of high-end optical film products.
Incremental and upgrading of industrial clusters
Binary new material in a solid 400,000 tons functional polyester film, the production base of solar cells produce 50,000 tons of packaging material, the focus on accelerating investment 1.6 billion yuan annual output of 100 million square meters of special optical film projects and invest 500 million yuan of optical film substrate projects, the first half of 2015 is expected to be fully completed and commissioned for the enterprise scale, high-end development and added new impetus; Westminster resistant material being introduced five new German advanced PE film production line, 2015 can also be put into operation efficiency, technology, products will occupy world-class standards; Sky package completed gathering area, the United States and new materials, radius of plastic, Forté Packaging, Printing Fayyad and other production companies, will further highlight the cluster effect. Gathering area on the current investment intentions of two main polyester film, the carbon fiber industry have obvious advantages, the development potential of large investment projects are under way active communication, and strive to settled as soon as possible, under construction, accelerate the promotion of industrial incremental upgrade.
 Industry high-end extension and upgrade
 Around good industrial high-end industries. First film from routine to high-performance polyester functional polyester film material differences in the development of high-end products, raw material extending functional film grade polyester chips upstream R & D, will shrink film photovoltaic backing film, glass film in, Electronic and Electrical film formed on the new business more scale advantage and differentiation advantage, improve product unit price and profitability, optimize the product structure. Binary new material in the development of 12 new products this year, based on the continued development and improvement of nine differentiated and high-end products, its share of sales will account for more than 70%. Second, give full play to the advantages of scale, technology, market and capital binary new material in the industry, continue through equity acquisition of the industrial chain ways holding enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, further strong position in the polyester film industry and advantages, enhance core competitiveness. Third, accelerate high-tech products of independent research and development of various applications and the introduction of advanced equipment, and actively expand the applications of optical polyester film, polyester film products to build an optical system, achieve economies of scale and sustainable development with technological innovation.
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