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Food package bag used in the food industry

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Food package bag used in the food industry

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2019/03/29 11:02
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Food package bag in the bag industry is widely used, it can be divided in accordance with the bag type envelope
Food package bag in the bag industry is widely used, it can be divided in accordance with the bag type envelope, triangular envelope, upright bags, zipper bags, side sealing bags, profiled bags, yin and yang bags, Vol film. Package bag is to use two or more materials through one or more bags of dry compound and combined packaging film made, this bag combines the characteristics of a variety of materials, according to the packaging of products We need to combine, with good adaptability. For composite packaging materials there are many, such as BOPP, PET, OPP, PVC, AL, PA, PT and so on.
Food package bag on the choice of packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of the product, and if done evacuated food package bag you can use PA / PE, this complex package pumping a good vacuum effect, while the tensile properties and puncture resistance is quite good; do frozen food package bag can be used BOPP / PE, this composite material resistant to freezing and strong performance, uniform thickness, beautifully printed; requirements for the air barrier bags, oxidation, water, moisture, mechanical properties and strong you can choose PET / AL / PE or PET / AL / NY / CPP composite materials made of foil bags, aluminum foil bags of rice widely used in foods, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, sausages, duck, chicken, pork, frozen food, ham, bacon products, sausages, cooked meat, pickles, bean paste, spices and other packaging.
It is because of the diversity of the composite material in order to make package bag has a wider range of applications, compound the packing bag, food packaging bags manufacturers Legislative Package offers fine food bags appreciation.
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