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New material treasure of the whole industry chain release

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News Center

New material treasure of the whole industry chain release

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2019/03/29 10:54
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High performance composites: "five" demand will reach 6 million tons
High performance composites: "five" demand will reach 6 million tons
Among the six new varieties of materials, high-performance fibers can say we are very far away, it can be said that close to us.
Because high-performance fibers resistant to corrosion, high temperature, high strength and other characteristics, widely applications from top to bottom, including aerospace, delivery equipment as well as daily life, with natural fibers and conventional synthetic unmatched features.
In fact, the presence of high-performance fibers have long been our lives, new materials, high-performance fiber is only after improvement or functional made of traditional materials.
Polymer composite materials compared to conventional materials, an important development of the defense industry, aerospace, new energy and high-tech industry has a higher strength, chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance, and greater design flexibility, it is basic raw materials, while in the construction, telecommunications, machinery, environmental protection, marine development, sports and leisure, and other economic areas with a wide range of uses. From the applications of composite materials, the domestic market in the largest composite applications for the building and infrastructure projects, totaling about 71 percent, while for the transportation of relatively small, accounting for only 5 percent, lower than the global 24 % average; the proportion of equipment in the industry is 10%, also below the global average of 26%. According to statistics, by 2013 China will account for the global composites market growth of 43% share of construction in the area where the construction market will account for 67% growth is expected in 2015, "five-second" period, China Composites demand to reach 600 million tons.
If according to the synthesis of different raw materials, high-performance fibers are mainly divided into carbon fiber, aramid fiber, a special glass fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, wherein the carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is the world's three major high performance fibers and carbon fibers are particularly noteworthy.
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