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Products Center

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High-temperature PTFE Seamless Adhesion Belt

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PTFE seamless bonder belt is formed by knitting high-strength glass fiber yarns or Kevlar (aramid fibers) into tubular textiles through circular knitting equipment as well as coating imported PTFE resin and carrying out high-temperature impregnation through a unique production process, which thoroughly eliminates the phenomena of poor transport stability, line deflection and so on caused by easy falling delamination, tearing, unequal joint perimeter and other reasons of the conventional conveyor belt glue and cloth interfaces. Seamless bonder belt features smooth surface, good antistatic effect, long service life and so on which are unavailable in other seamed adhesion belts.


 High-temperature PTFE Seamless Adhesion Belt

Seamless fusing machine belt (antistatic enhanced)

High-temperature PTFE Seamless Adhesion Belt

Fusing machine belt use

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